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Thanks to activision, you must update punkbuster manually to play on servers with pb enabled, some of our servers have pb enabled.Files for Windows : Here Files for a Mac : Here Files for Linux : Here Download the files above and place them in your COD4's PB folder: C Hard drive where your operating system is installed If links are broken send me a pm and i will fix them If you get this issue: Service Communication Failure Pnk Bstr Then download and install this.Some games (like Crysis or Bio Shock 2) do not have a 64-bit version of Punk Buster.For this reason, 64 bit clients will not be able to play in Punk Buster enabled servers unless they run the 32-bit client of the game.

Click on that to get to cod4user name/ Library/ Application Support/ Call of Duty 4/ pb/ dll You need to have the three files one is the latest PB file for Mac.ma001407(this one is already there)mc002301download here ( or ( need to put the mc002301file in the application as well so Applications/ Call of Duty - Modern (right click to show package contents)/ Call of Duty 4 data/ pbthere will prob be 5 other files there just put it in there.

If you modify an FOV value and die before reaching a checkpoint, your FOV is going to get reverted to a value from the last checkpoint.

For this reason, binding it as an additional command to a key allows you to fix your FOV without having to re-enter console commands.

A quick remedy for this connection problem is to set the timeout to be longer in your Co D 4 multiplayer config file, found in the profile folder of your player.

In Singleplayer, the FOV value is saved with each checkpoint.

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