Dating father my child

Out of nowhere, a very little girl toddled around the corner and walked straight up to my 6’5”, 325 lb. It was a scene straight from the movie Within seconds, a young man equal in size and stature to my dad rounded the corner and in a very deep, kind voice said to the toddler, “Rachel, where did you go?

How can I overcome my child's aversion to my girlfriend? His mother divorced me when he was about three, and has since remarried.

I even had to end an earlier relationship because he disliked the woman I was dating so intensely.

Now I'm getting serious about another woman and am not exactly sure what I should do. Your son's reaction isn't that uncommon or surprising.

From his perspective, no one can or should replace his mother.

To his thinking, though, that's exactly what you're trying to do.

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