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“Structures like these, in the fossil record, are some of the earliest evidence of life on Earth, dating back 3.5 billion years ago,” said Melody Lindsay, a doctoral student in microbiology at Montana State University.

“So being able to study them in a modern environment, and how they might have functioned on early Earth, that’s exciting.” On Earth today, only a few sites with living microbialites remain.

Those who are "awake" believe that the world's leaders or other secretive organizations are responsible for what happens in the world, according to Jarrod Fidden, the site's COO.

Instead of using the term "conspiracy theorist," which is often "employed to discredit and ridicule," Fidden prefers the term "early adopter of inconvenient truths." "an awake partner to share your interests with — That is a true blessing.

When searching for the most appropriate symbol to represent the Dell Young Leaders, we came up with the idea of the protea – the South Africa’s national flower and a symbol of diversity and courage.

Among the oldest families of flowers on earth, dating back 300 million years, Greek legend tells us that protea were named after Proteus, the son of Poseidon.

It was precisely September 18th 1979, in Linz that Hannes Leopoldseder, Hubert Bognermayr, Herbert Werner Franke and Ulrich Rützel initiated the first Ars Electronica festival.

But who at the time would have thought that an event articulated right from its beginnings around art, technology and society would be so enduring?

It's for people who have "woken" (not to be confused with "woke," which usually describes people who are aware of social justice issues)."If you thought it was impossible to meet someone, awake dot dating is here for you," a voice sings in a jingle.Recent studies have discovered that from as early as the IV century materials were taken away from the Colosseum, and that some drains were obstructed by the end of the same century.There are, for example, two large screens connected to the site “, we discover that cloud computing is nothing more than a marketing invention because the emails that we send to correspondents on other continents use cables that humans have patiently laid along the ocean’s floors.The cable route between the Eastern United States and Europe seem to be the most “congested”.

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