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Co-starring Janine Gray as THRUSH villainess Angelique, with whom Solo has a complex, romantic relationship, and Burt Brinckerhoff. Carroll does not appear in this episode.)Waverly is subjected to the effects of a brain-altering device by THRUSH. At a black market auction in Hong Kong, Solo and Kuryakin attempt to recover a coin in which there is a microdot containing military secrets. Features guest stars Ray Danton, Judi West and Evelyn Ward. A trail of missing cats leads Solo and Kuryakin to a salon which is developing a rejuvenation process. While returning from a mission with valuable THRUSH documents, Illya is forced to bail out of a plane. THRUSH attempts to stimulate his memory while Kuryakin, with the help of an old prospector (J. head of a crime syndicate, is under pressure from Uncle Giuliano (J. Cariago decides to buy a movie production directed by Sheldon Veblan (Shelley Berman) so his girlfriend, Ginger Laveer (Carol Wayne) can have the starring role. A pendant he wears leads Illya to Greenwich Village and an art gallery run by Mark Ole (Robert H. (Includes Illya's beat poet performance, "Is This Your Ape? E., and Solo and Illya investigate a connection between the show and a sudden malfunction in U. In Africa, Professor Kenton (Arthur Malet) has developed a superman formula which he has been using on the natives, hoping to build an army with which to conquer all of Africa. In the show's only Christmas-themed episode, Solo and Illya protect Premier Georgi Koz (Akim Tamiroff), a Khrushchev-like figure come to address the United Nations. Solo goes to Sweden to obtain a new suspended animation device from Dr. (David Mc Callum does not appear in this episode.)Investigating the shipment of a tidal-wave machine by THRUSH, Illya ends up aboard a merchant vessel run by Captain Morton (Dan O'Herlihy). Brothers Simon and Peter Sweet (Jan Murray, Pat Harrington Jr.), both rival THRUSH leaders vying for promotion, do not realize that the toy hula doll they possess has an extremely powerful new U. Incidentally, despite the title there are only four daughters (Kim Darby, Diane Mc Bain, Jill Ireland and Danielle De Metz); this was originally called "The Five Women Affair," which is more logical (Crawford plays the scientist's wife). Solo and Illya enlist safecracker/cult leader Luther Sebastian (Bradford Dillman) to help them find the prism. Illya must pose as one of his compatriots, the sadistic Colonel Nexor. agent Brian Morton (Peter Bromilow) prepares for his upcoming marriage to Laura Adams (Diana Van Der Vlis), Solo and Illya aid Morton on his quest to stop a THRUSH agent (Alfred Ryder) from stealing the plans for a new super-submarine. Harmon (Leslie Nielsen) has kidnapped Professor David Garrow (Dan O'Herlihy), the developer of a docility gas, and his son Steve (Tony Bill), and with the gas and soldiers, Harmon and his allies - the "Seven Intellectual Wonders of the World" - intend to take over the world. Webb (Mark Richman), and Margitta Kingsley (Eleanor Parker) intend to steal the gas themselves. Taking its title from the classic chess gambit, this episode is a sequel to The Quadripartite Affair. (David Mc Callum does not appear in this episode.)A mysterious man (Richard Haydn) appears to be able to circumvent the security system in U. Glenn Corbett (Route 66) guest stars, with Gavin Mac Leod and Richard Kiel as "Merry."Solo sends a bored U. Solo and Kuryakin are on the trail of the Recollectors, a group that hunts down and kills former Nazis in order to steal their looted art collections and profit by selling them back to the original owners. (This is the only "Affair" to be based on previously published material; Slesar receives story credit due to it being based on his novel The Bridge of Lions.)Part two of the previous episode. He lands in the desert at an abandoned Foreign Legion base. Pat O'Malley), races to find him before his memory returns. (the other was "The Mother Muffin Affair" on the spinoff); Collins plays two roles. But the picture is a disguised plan to drop a bomb on the family's biggest rival — Las Vegas. ")Solo and Illya protect Miranda Bryant (Diana Hyland), the wife of a presidential candidate (Richard Anderson), from a plot to kidnap her, not realizing that she has already been kidnapped and replaced with a double, Irina (also played by Hyland). To learn about capitalism, the communist leader dresses as Santa Claus, then is mistaken by a dying boy for the real thing. Rutter (Victor Borge), after inventing antimatter, hides out in suburbia under the name Willoughby because he fears his creation will be used destructively. Morton is obsessed with his past disgrace in a court martial, and the crew is on the verge of a mutiny, which Illya leads just as THRUSH arrives to take possession of the device. Old enemy Viktor Karmak (Darren Mc Gavin) kidnaps Illya and gives Solo 12 hours to locate him in a condemned area of Manhattan before his Russian partner is killed by deadly gas, and before Karmak finds and kills Solo. Solo masquerades as an official from THRUSH to discover the truth about a mysterious project the evil organisation is developing on the island of Ibos. 105 episodes were produced, each with a 50 minute running time. A housewife (Patricia Crowley) is recruited to help him. who intends to kill several high-ranking officials at a conference later that day. agent (Martin Balsam) is recruited to impersonate a crime lord, he decides to take the mission into his own hands. (This episode wasn't shown again in the US until 1985, due to Ellison naming a literary critic (played by Grayson Hall) after science fiction writer Judith Merril, which resulted in legal action being taken, not by Merril herself (a friend of Ellison) but by her daughter.)A THRUSH code is hidden in a dress pattern, and Solo and Illya go to the garment district and encounter the design shop of two down-on-their-luck designers (George Tobias and Ned Glass), their model Ramona (Cher), and the cutter who has a crush on her, Jerry (Sonny Bono). It was cancelled mid-way through its fourth season. Napoleon Solo is assigned to protect a visiting African leader (William Marshall) whose life is under threat from Andrew Vulcan (Fritz Weaver). recognizes as being based on a series of missing THRUSH diaries. When the days are dark and nothing makes you hot remember about x Hamster's Drunk Porn!This large free x Hamster Drunk Tube will become the ray of arousing light that will wake your libido and make you feel alive! If you are under the age of 18 years, or under the age of majority in the location from where you are accessing this website you do not have authorization or permission to enter this website or access any of its materials.

Season One was filmed entirely in black and white, except for the pilot episode, "The Vulcan Affair," and "The Double Affair," which were filmed in color since they were planned to be turned into feature films. This was later expanded and released to cinemas as To Trap A Spy. Co-starring Zohra Lampert, Peter Haskell and Lee Meriwether. to CONTROL) on a hoax mission in an attempt to liven up her life. Solo and Kuryakin must protect him as he infiltrates a crime conference. Megalomaniac businessman Alexander (Rip Torn) plans to imitate his namesake Alexander the Great by taking over the world. THRUSH also tries to retrieve the garment, but Ramona keeps forgetting where she left it. When THRUSH steals a nuclear weapon and demands a ransom delivered by Napoleon Solo, U.

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