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I guess the most honest description would be that I'm an emotionally connected woman who seeks that in others.

I have a sharp sense of humour and love a bit of sarcasm.

(But now we have an amazing, deep, richly fulfilling long-term relationship and marriage.) So if you don’t yet have the kind of relationship you long for, our most important message to you is: And the power to change it is in your hands.

If you’re not sure what a conscious approach to lesbian dating and love means, we’d love to introduce you to a step-by-step path to dating wisely and creating the kind of relationship you truly want.

It has often been pointed out to me that many action films do not make it past the “beer and pizza” classification stage.

Their combination of high-octane car chases, over-the-top fight scenes, explosions and campy dialogue leave most people with the sense that these films privilege muscle over depth, superficiality and testosterone over social comment.

I prefer the company of younger women as I don´t look or act my age! Love the outdoors infact I hate being inside full stop maybe in winter when is raining and frosty would be the only time !

That way you can have the kinds of get-togethers that you would want to go to and specify the age group that you are targeting.

I’m sure you are not the only lesbian who feels this way, so you may get a greater response than you think.

Also remember that you can’t isolate yourself while you look.

You don’t mention your other friends in this letter, and maybe they’re less in your life now that you’ve come out, but please don’t discount the people you’ve known forever.

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Welcome, once again, to the Myth of Macho, a column dedicated to investigating the masculine presence in the celluloid tradition.

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