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Statistics can be stored in tables outside of the data dictionary, where they can be manipulated without affecting the optimizer. However, if the structure is corrupt, you receive an error message.

Statistics can be copied between databases or backup copies can be made. For example, in rare cases such as hardware or other system failures, an index can become corrupted and not perform correctly.

Include the error, the attempted operations that led to the error, any unusual circumstances that occurred before receiving this error message, and the complete stack trace produced by this error.

This blog is about Primary Replica not being active.

If necessary, run the command-line script ptlasst in MIDTIER mode to configure the Oracle Internet Directory connection parameters: -mode MIDTIER -type OIDUse the Schema portlet to create a new schema that can be assigned to users.

Select the "Use this Schema for Portal Users" check box.

When validating the index, you can confirm that every entry in the index points to the correct row of the associated table.

If the index is corrupt, you can drop and re-create it.

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