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The primary goal of this program is to provide work opportunities in a location close to where inmates will parole or be released.

The Department's Compliance &anp; Accreditation Unit negotiates and manages agreements with jails, while the Offender Management Services Unit processes and reviews inmate applications for participation in the Jail Contract Bed Work Release program.Serving the Commonwealth through 32 judicial districts, the juvenile and domestic relations district court is a limited jurisdiction trial court that hears cases involving children and families.Serving the Commonwealth through offices in all 32 judicial districts, the magistrate’s primary functions are to conduct probable cause hearings on complaints of criminal conduct brought by law enforcement or the general public and to determine whether an arrested person is eligible for bail.Each real estate listing on our website offer expandable pictures showcasing the interior and exterior of the property when available along with seasonal land photos also.Listings will also be showcased in the Twin County Real Estate Guide and local newspapers on a rotating basis.

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